Terms of use


Terms and conditions for using www.roombre.com


  1. General information

1.1. The website www.roombre.com is owned by Dinomika Ltd.

1.2. These Terms and Conditions ("Terms and Conditions") regulate the registration and usage of the services provided by the www.roombre.com website ("Website/Site").

1.3. The website is based on and contains contemporary and well-established security applications and technologies that relate to the Client’s personal information.

1.4. By using our Site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to these Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy.

1.5. In these Terms and Conditions, the terms below have the following meanings:

       1.5.1. "Roombre" means the web platform uploaded to the following website: www.roombre.com.

     1.5.2. "Customer/Client" means a natural or legal person who registers on the website as a hotel representative to use the Site Management Platform and other services

       1.5.3. "Customer’s guest" means a natural or legal person who reserves a service at the hotel/site provided by the Customer;

      1.5.4. "Hotel" or "Site" means the object in connection with which the Customer has made a registration to the website and uses it, on behalf of the Client as a representative of the object

  1. Platform features

2.1. Roombre is a web platform available at www.roombre.com for hotels, and different sites/objects, the usage of which has been provided to third parties against payment on hotel or renting basis, that provides an easy way to manage the  reservations in your hotel, eliminating booking costs charged by third parties, such as travel agencies and booking platforms, allows guests to book quickly and easily, without agents and high commissions, directly via your website through a special code that we provide for free.

2.2. Via the platform our Clients could:

      2.2.1. Register and create an account for hotel management, bookings and usage of additional services;

      2.2.2. To make reservations and track the available rooms in the hotel / the object;

      2.2.3. To generate invoices on behalf of the Customer (The Hotel/Object);

      2.2.4. To create an unlimited number of profiles to which the Customer may provide full or restricted access;

      2.2.5. To use the platform on an unlimited number of devices from which to use the platform;

      2.2.6. To make an unlimited number of bookings via the platform;

  1. How to register an account on Roombre.

3.1. The Customer creates an account of the hotel or the object/site he/she represents. The client's profile should be updated with current data of his business activity. After registering an account, the Customer may start using the Roombre web platform.

3.2. To sign in your Client’s account you should indentify yourself by your username and password.

3.3. By using the Roombre account, the Customers will be able to manage and save various data about their business. Once the account is registered, the Client is granted access to the administrator's account features and will be provided with a special built-in code provided by Roombre for free. This allows you to make quick, easy and secure bookings, made directly via the Client’s website.

3.4. The account registration allows the Customer to enter, modify, and delete information about their business, and to create additional profiles for persons who will have access to the Customer’s profile on the Roombre platform.

3.5. In order to create a profile of your employee (Employee of the Customer) or another person who will have access (full or limited) to the Client's account, you should fill in and submit the following data, namely:

       3.5.1. The name of the Hotel / Object, its categorization, address, phone number, e-mail address;

     3.5.2. Details of the Hotel’s/Object’s owner, including the name of the individual or the name of the company, UIC number, address, telephone number and contacts person;

      3.5.3. Type of object and the offered accommodation, as well as the available additional facilities that the object offers;

      3.5.4. Prices of the offered object.

3.6. Regarding to the profiles you create in the Client's account, only a person with full administrative access (Account administrator) will be able to see all the activity information in the account of all other people who have access through a limited subprofile (without administrative features in the Client's account).

  1. Account Closure and Termination

4.1. Roombre reserves its right to deny access to a Client's account and to delete its registration immediately in case of improper use of the Site.

4.2. The customer may request a suspension of access to his / her account.

4.3. By deleting the account, all Customer’s data (including subprofiles) will be deleted. In this case, all data entered by the Client (whether with an Administrator or a Limited Profile) will be deleted, and Roombre will not be liable if the Client (and / or his / her guests and / or third parties) suffers harm of any kind due to the deletion of the Account.

4.4. The customer can not make more than one account per Hotel or Site. The Customer is responsible for the accuracy, correctness and completeness of all the data he / she enters.

4.5. In case of a violating the Terms and Conditions, Roombre is entitled to deactivate and prohibit access, temporarily or permanently, to a Customer registered with the Site without informing the Customer of the cause of deactivation.

  1. Fees

5.1. Our fees are based on the number of bookings. If the Customer makes less than 50 bookings during a certain month, he / she owes nothing and will not be charged. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions and the use of the Site, "reservation" means reservation of a single room. For avoiding any doubt, if more than one room is booked with one action (whether in a hotel or other facility, such as a room, camper, guest house (listed as an example) offered by the Client, the number of bookings will be calculated according to the number of booked rooms.

5.2. If the Customer makes more than 50 bookings per the current month, he will be charged as follows:

      5.2.1. For each reservation after the 50th - 0.99 eurocents per reservation up to 150 reservations;

      5.2.2. For each reservation after the 150th - 0.88 eurocents per reservation up to 300 reservations;

      5.2.3. For each reservation after the 300th - 0.69 eurocents per reservation up to 1000 reservations;

      5.2.4. For more than 1001 reservations - 0.49 cents per reservation.

You could always use our dynamic calculator on the Roombre homepage and find out how much you would pay for a certain number of bookings

5.3. If the Customer's bookings are scheduled ahead of time for six (6) or more months, no prepayment is required. In such  case, the Customer is required to pay when the Customer's guest is accomodated on the Site.

5.4. The payments from the Customer to Roombre will be made through:

       5.4.1. Payment platforms PaySera and PayPal

       5.4.2. Via bank transfer, to the bank account of Dinomika Ltd as indicated on the pro forma invoice, invoice or message sent to you.

5.5. Roombre may send payment notices due by the Customer via the website platform and / or by e-mail and / or other authorized communication with the Client. We could also provide a detailed account statement of the Customer's account in Roombre. Roombre could also send invoices to the Customer via the Site platform and / or via e-mail and / or other authorized communication with the Customer.

  1. Liability.

6.1. The Customer is responsible for owning the content rights (texts, pictures, ratings, links, etc.) posted to the website. The Customer confirms that he has the legal rights to the content he publishes on the Site and thus does not violate the rights of third parties.

6.2. The Client is obliged not to use the Site for the purpose of publishing and creating content that:

  • contains false, inappropriate or deliberately incorrect information;
  • is immoral, pornographic or otherwise offensive;
  • violates third-party rights as well as copyright;
  • violates the applicable laws or is declared as a crime;
  • Contains viruses or other computer programs that could damage the software or hardware or may affect the use of computers in an unwanted way.

6.3. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they do not use programs or features to automatically generate content or browse pages.

6.4. The Customer is responsible for the confidentiality of their information in their account, including their password.

6.5. If the Customer discovers unauthorized use of the Services on the Site, he shall immediately notify Roombre.

6.6. Roombre is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, completeness, or the reliability of information published by Customer or third parties

6.7. All contracts and agreements resulting from the service provided by Roombre are concluded between Roombre and the Customer. Roombre is in no way an organizer, a travel agency or a tour operator. Roombre is not involved in any agreements or other arrangements between the guests of the Customer and the Customer or a third party who has provided services to the Client or Customer's guests, nor is responsible for any claims made by a guest of the Customer  against the Customer or any other third parties.

6.8. Roombre reserves the right to suspend access to a particular material or the whole Site for an unlimited period of time, scheduled or incidental, without liability for any damages that may arise for the Client as a result of the suspension.

6.9. Roombre is not responsible for any technical malfunctions whose causes do not fall in the circle of responsibilities of Roombre or have been caused by extraordinary and force-majeure circumstances. Roombre does not guarantee unhindered access to data and can perform technical support in a freely chosen time period.

6.10. Roombre is not liable in the event of force-majeure, incidental events, Internet problems, technical or other objective reasons, including acts of the competent governmental and state authorities

6.11. Roombre is not liable for damages caused by the Customer to third parties.

6.12. Roombre is not responsible if the technical equipment security measures are overcome, resulting a loss of information, information leak, access to information, restriction of access to information and other similar consequences.

6.13. End users and guests of the Customer have the option to make reservations via a direct link through the Customer's website (through a special built-in code provided for free by Roombre). As a result, the booking will be made directly on the Roombre platform. In these cases, Roombre should not be considered as and does not provide services as a travel agency, tour operator or similar activity, and is only an agent offering a technical connection to the hotel's (objects) website.

6.14. Roombre is not a party in the hotel reservation contract between the hotel and the guest and user and all claims / claims made by a guest / user regarding a hotel reservation should be submitted directly to the Customer (the hotel) and not to Roombre.

6.15. These Terms and Conditions do not apply to or affect any agreements or contracts between the Customer (the hotel) and the guest / user or a third party.

  1. Personal data protecion. Privacy.

7.1. The Privacy of our Customers is a priority for us. Roombre ensures that it processes and stores personal data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation.

7.2. Roombre collects, processes, and uses personal data only if you have provided it in connection with these Terms of Service or, when applicable, you have expressly agreed to that, or when it is permitted under applicable law. Roombre collects, processes and uses such data because of the proper operation of Roombre's services, as well as for the use and functionality of the website.

7.3. Roombre can make detailed reports for the Customer’s financies and guests. In this case, Roombre does not collect or process personal data, either related to the Customer or the guests of the Customer. Roombre can provide the Customer with statistical information such as:

  • the nationality of the guests of the Client;
  • number of accomodations and stays;
  • number and type of reserved promo packs;
  • detailed financial statistics and forecasts.

7.4. For further information, please read our Privacy Policy.

  1. Miscellaneous

8.1. The parties declare that if any of the clauses in these Terms and Conditions is invalid, this will not invalidate the Terms and conditions as a whole, or any other clauses or parts thereof. The invalid clause will be replaced by the mandatory rules of the law or the established legal practice.

8.2. For all issues not covered by these Terms of service, the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

8.3. All disputes between the parties shall be resolved in spirit of understanding and goodwill. If no agreement is reached, the dispute shall be settled before the competent Bulgarian court having its seat in Sofia.

8.4. Roombre reserves its right to redirect the Client to other pages on the Internet, controlled by Roombre. In this case, the Terms and Conditions shall apply to the Customer.

8.5. These Terms and Conditions may be modified by Roombre on the www.roombre.com platform, for which the latter will properly notify all registered Clients.

8.6. Roombre and the Client agree that any additions and amendments of these Terms and Conditions will have effect to the Customer in any of the following cases:

      8.6.1. After explicitly stated notification by Roombre on the Site and if the Customer does not state in written form within the 7-day time limit that he or she rejects them; or

      8.6.2. After publishing them on the Site and if Customer does not declare in written form within 7 days of their publication that rejects them;

      8.6.3. With its explicit acceptance by the Customer through its Site Profile.

8.7. The Client agrees that all Roombre statements regarding the amendment of these Terms and Conditions will be sent to the email address used by the Customer for his/her registration. The Customer agrees that emails sent under the terms of this Article don’t have to be signed with an electronic signature to act on it.