Pay as you go

Each of us has paid for a subscription plan to services that are rarely being used. It`s annoying. And we believe that it's also unfair. For this reason, we based our business model on one simple rule – our customers are being charged only when they make a profit out of our system.

How does it work?

Most hotels have their good and bad financial times. Some hotels don't work in winter, others in summer. Some keep working but struggle with weak revenue numbers. We know that it's how the business works.

Our taxes rely on the number of reservations you make. If you make less than 50 reservations per month – it`s free of charge. Yes, that's true – you don`t owe us absolutely anything and we won`t charge you for our services.

If you make more than 50 reservations, you pay a few cents for each reservation exceeding that number. Want to see the exact numbers? Check out our calculator that will show you the price, based on your use of the service.

But there`s more – if you want to make reservations for a future period, for instance, in six or 9 months time, you don`t have to pay now. You pay later - when your guests check in at your hotel.

Why we do it?

Because we believe we`re partners. We want to make it easier for you. Therefore, we charge only when you`ve already earned money from the reservations we process. If that condition is met, everybody's happy. But what happens when your number of reservations is under the critical minimum? We think you need help rather than additional taxes. This is why we don`t charge you anything. Because we want to help you as a good friend would do.

And yes, you`re right – we are super cool :)