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At Roombre, we believe there's a better way to manage your accommodation property. A simple, fair and more transparent way that saves you precious time and money. Our software uses automation to effectively manage your reservations and budgets. No expensive abonnements. No high fees. No installations and additional devices. You pay only when you make a profit out of our system. Because we're big believers in the power of keeping it simple. And we come to work every day to give you that power.

Our Story

The idea of Roombre was born in 2008. It dawned on us at an event focused on the latest marketing trends in the hospitality industry.

We (Alex Bobby, Roombre`s co-founders) held a lecture in front of some of the biggest travel agencies and hotels in Bulgaria.

It was intense. More than an hour and a half of Q&A discussions. Then, a lady standing in the back of the hall raised up and asked:

"Do you provide integrated automation software solutions?"

We couldn`t answer her question.

"I have a dream - software that can automate part of my everyday tasks," continued the lady, who had over 20 years of experience in the hotel sector.

She needed help with everyday tasks like reservations, data management, and communication. The lady searched for a technological solution that could save her precious time and money. Time and money she could use to drive her business forward.

We accepted the challenge.

Speaking to hundreds of property owners, we found out that most of them faced the same difficulties. Reservations and data were written down on paper and excel tables (or simple tables). Their reservations were realized through third parties with absurdly high commissions. The data and financial management were poor, disorganized or entirely lacking.

We got down to work.

It was tough. There were various obstacles standing in our way. We had to put the project on hold. Rethink everything and start over.

But as Victor Hugo once said: “No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.”

That`s how Roombre came to life.

Fast, intuitive and easy to use software for small and medium-sized hotels, guest houses and campings. We offer a fair pay as you go pricing model. Roombre is completely free of charge if you make less than 50 bookings per month.

Because we care about you and your business.

Why choose us?

Because we care about you and your business. We offer a fair and flexible system. We`re open-minded and adaptable, constantly improving and tailoring our service to clients` needs and wishes. Oh, and we`re super cool. Just like you! :)