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Top Social Media Trends for 2019 (Part 2)

Last week we talked about the latest social media trends – from the rapidly declining trust in social media to Stories` growing popularity. But there`re more trends to explore. Here`s what the social relationship platform Hootsuite found in their report on the subject: #Trend 3 Increasing paid budgets 64% of the respondents of the Hootsuite […]

How to Start a Hostel Business from Scratch?

Everyone knows that traveling is about discovering new countries, new cultures, new cuisines and virtually everything in-between. These days we go places like never before. Travel has changed a lot in the past 15 years or so. Back in the 1970s you couldn’t just hop on a plane and visit any country in the world. […]

Face Recognition for the Hospitality Industry

Face recognition has recently become mainstream due to Apple`s Face ID feature. But it has many other applications – from surveillance to marketing across various industries, including hospitality. Let`s look into how the technology works and what`re its applications in the sector: What is face recognition? Simply put, face recognition is a biometric method of […]

LinkedIn for Hotels: The Full Guide

Did you know that 260 million users are logging into LinkedIn each month? Home to about 600 million users, the platform`s untapped potential could work wonders for your accommodation property. Drawing on our experience, Philip Calvert`s actionable tips and numerous research publications on the subjects, we`ve crafted a practical LinkedIn guide for you and your property. […]

The best hostels have these 6 things in common

We already discussed how to kickstart a hostel even if you’ve never been into the hospitality industry before. Now it’s time to separate the best hostels from the mediocre ones. By default, hostels are preferred by “on-a-budget” travelers but compromising on price doesn’t mean hostel owners should compromise on quality. Low-quality services lead to poor […]

5 Actionable Marketing Tips for Small Hotels

Struggling to market your brand without breaking the bank? Stretched between running your accommodation property and keeping your finances in order? Here`re five tried and tested tips to help you market your property on a low budget: 1.Create relevant and consistent content As you`ve probably heard, traditional marketing is not effective anymore. There must be […]

What is Airbnb and why it didn’t age well?

In the last 10+ years, the travel industry has really seen quite a lot of changes. As always, young entrepreneurs are the driving force behind that change. We’ve seen several high-school/university projects rise to fame after getting some attention from the media or prominent investors. Back in the days, you had quite a narrow choice […]

Blockchain for Hospitality

Blockchain technology is holding a promise to improve transparency, cut out the middlemen and reduce costs in various sectors: from finance to medical care. But is this emerging tech about to benefit the hospitality sector? Let`s find out: What is Blockchain? Simply put, blockchain refers to a chain of so-called “blocks” that`re forming a “chain” […]

Hospitality Trends: Augmented Reality (AR)

Emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) hold the promise to transform various sectors for the better. From healthcare to the gaming, retail and hospitality industries, AR could be the key to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenues. What is Augmented Reality (AR)? Let`s start with the basics. Augmented comes from augment, which means to enhance […]

Co-living: a rising trend in accommodation

Imagine a brand new world, where nobody owns anything. A world of shared vacation rentals, living and working spaces. It`s already here. Co-living is the new buzzword in the hospitality industry and beyond. Why? Because millennials (the generation born between 1980 and 2000) are focused on building a global sharing economy. And they`re successful in […]