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What is a hotel management system?

A hotel management system is broadly speaking a computer software that allows hotel managers and hotel owners to keep track of front end and back end data. Some refer to it as a hotel management software (HMS) or property management software (PMS) but in its essence those three are interchangeable.   Modern-day hotel management systems […]

Do I need hotel management software?

Do you own (or run) an accommodation property? Maybe you are the heir of your dad’s family hotel or maybe you’ve just started your own business such as a city hostel or a brand new campsite. If you are not part of a big hotel chain, chances are you aren’t really familiar with the latest […]

Things to consider when choosing a hotel management software

Small scale accommodation properties are in a constant battle with the big players. Renowned hotel chains are in most cases expensive, which in turn means tremendous marketing budgets, access to the latest technologies and hefty partnerships with travel agencies. However, that doesn’t mean there is no room for campsites, hostels and family hotels. Not only […]

What is Vanlife and How can Campsite Owners Help?

We bet there isn’t a single human being on social media that have never stumbled upon the #vanlife movement. #Vanlife is particularly viral on Instagram with close to 6 million posts with the #vanlife hashtag. Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, and almost any other image-related social media is getting stuffed with accounts promoting and preaching the vanlife […]

How to Write a Hotel Blog Post?

It’s 2019 and in order to be successful, businesses have to be online, whether they like it or not. Online presence is a vital point for everyone, including hotels. And guess what, having a website is not enough anymore. Though a website is the first step towards being relevant today, it takes more effort than […]

How to Start a Campsite Business?

There are tons of reasons why people dig camping but perhaps the most common is the fact that camping brings us closer to nature. With the ever-rising costs of hotels and guest houses, it is no surprise that many are on a hunt for cheaper holiday alternatives. Sure, there are hostels and Airbnb’s but today […]

What is Airbnb and why it didn’t age well?

In the last 10+ years, the travel industry has really seen quite a lot of changes. As always, young entrepreneurs are the driving force behind that change. We’ve seen several high-school/university projects rise to fame after getting some attention from the media or prominent investors. Back in the days, you had quite a narrow choice […]

5 Actionable Marketing Tips for Small Hotels

Struggling to market your brand without breaking the bank? Stretched between running your accommodation property and keeping your finances in order? Here`re five tried and tested tips to help you market your property on a low budget: 1.Create relevant and consistent content As you`ve probably heard, traditional marketing is not effective anymore. There must be […]

The best hostels have these 6 things in common

We already discussed how to kickstart a hostel even if you’ve never been into the hospitality industry before. Now it’s time to separate the best hostels from the mediocre ones. By default, hostels are preferred by “on-a-budget” travelers but compromising on price doesn’t mean hostel owners should compromise on quality. Low-quality services lead to poor […]

LinkedIn for Hotels: The Full Guide

Did you know that 260 million users are logging into LinkedIn each month? Home to about 600 million users, the platform`s untapped potential could work wonders for your accommodation property. Drawing on our experience, Philip Calvert`s actionable tips and numerous research publications on the subjects, we`ve crafted a practical LinkedIn guide for you and your property. […]