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Earn 30% recurring commission for every sale

We pay out 30% recurring commission and offer a variety of promotional tools and services. You can drive traffic to your site and make money by promoting our popular brand or any of our products. Our affiliate program is the best in the industry and you will love how easy it is to make money!

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affiliate program

Great passive income

Imagine, every time you refer someone to our product, you get paid 30% of the price. And this is even better because it’s a recurring commission – you get paid an additional 30% every month with each payment of the referred customer.  Ready to start earning?

How the affiliate program works?

  1. Sign up to our affiliate program. You get a unique link that you can send to friends and followers inviting them to try our services.
  2. When referrals pay a subscription with us, you see your commission in your profile.