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VR For Hospitality: 3 Hot Tendencies

Imagine traveling all over the world from the comfort of your sofa.


You can do that and so much more with emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR).

VR can be described as a digital augmentation of reality. The latter is achieved with the help of computer-based simulations.

But did you know that VR can also work wonders for your hotel? It can help you deliver game-changing guest experiences to help you stand out in the highly competitive travel sector.

Let`s dive into 3 of the hottest VR tendencies in the hospitality industry:

1. VR hotel tours

VR hotel tours allow guests to look around your rental property in a realistic way. That`s how your potential customers can get “a real feel” of the amenities you have to offer.

Any examples?

The 360-degree hotel VR tour of Grand Oasis Hotel helps users explore its location, facilities, and beautiful gardens.

Want to transfer to another virtual destination under the blazing sun?

Here`s Atlantis Dubai Virtual Tour showcasing its spacious rooms and technological amenities:


2. VR travel

Imagine a realistic virtual experience that brings you to the sandy Hawaiian beaches or the busy streets of downtown London. Marriott Hotel invites us on an exciting virtual honeymoon:


But there`re more inspiring examples of destination marketing based on VR technology.

Fancy a walk in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, or Sydney? Do it from the comfort of your home with St. Giles Hotel series of user-generated 360-degree video content.

3. In-room VR entertainment

VR experiences are a great way to entertain your property`s guests.

Marriott Hotel has collaborated with Samsung Gear VR to launch an untraditional room service.

It involves:

  • VR headsets
  • 3 postcards shot in 360-degree 3D videos
  • A possibility to explore three destinations: 1) Beijing`s hectic streets 2) Chile`s serene mountains 3) An ice-cream shop in Rwanda.

The service is being tested in Marriott`s hotels in London and New York. Take a behind the scenes look:


Technology is constantly evolving.

Virtual reality can bring a whole new world of experiences to tourist accommodation guests. Early adopters can be the first to benefit from its untapped potential.

Do you use or plan to start using any hotel technologies in the near future? If yes, which ones? Share in the comments below.

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