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Researching your Buyers (best tips for hotels)

The modern hotel guests have high demands. They`re the power holders in the hotel sector. It`s no surprise that all effective social media strategies are focused on them. Wonder how to access more information about the demographics and the special interests of your current and future hotel guests? We`ve got you covered. Here`s what you […]

Top 3 Hotel Marketing Tips for 2019 (+Infographic)

Did you know that more than three billion people have an internet connection? Investing in your hotel`s online presence is the key to success in the digital age. Here`s why: Untapped opportunities Statistics show that around 40% of the world population had an internet connection in 2014, whereas, in 1995, it was less than 1%. […]

Simple Social Media Guide for Hotels (2019)

Struggle to win the hearts of your hotel guests? Here`s an effective and affordable solution: social media. If you master it, you attract new customers and nurture long-term relationships. But it`s hard to harness the untapped digital potential whereas you`re busy calculating your revenues and working on the ground with your hotel guests. With over […]

Hospitality Customers` Expectation Trends in 2019

The hospitality business is tough. You are not selling a product but experiences. Make a mistake and you might read a dreadful online review: “Never again at that hotel.” As a leader in the hospitality industry, you know what`s at stake. Your revenues. Your business. Your reputation. But there`s a way to prevent that. Study […]

5 + Tips for Keeping your Hotel Guests Happy?

Hotel guests` reviews and recommendations can make or break your hotel or guest house`s reputation. Satisfying your guests might be a challenging task, especially when budgets are tight. But it`s doable and desirable if you want to be successful in the business. We interviewed a number of regular hotel and guest house guests to learn […]

How to choose the right Hotel Management Software?

Imagine the following scenario: you plan your holiday, book a hotel room and make a payment for it. Everything goes as planned and you finally go on a holiday. But you only reach your hotel to find out that nobody had ever accepted your reservation. On top of that, the hotel is full and you […]

How to automate everything?

Automation is a vital part of the modern world. Learn how to master it to make your life much easier. How to get it started? Make a list of all the duties you and your employees have to perform. Do not neglect any of them. Write everything down. That`s how you`ll get a realistic idea […]

Website automation

This is something most people forget about when they start an internet project. There are tens of processes behind each online business that need to be implemented by website’s team, either by administrators, moderators, support team, or editors. Imagine a website where you have posted a comments section – under a product, article, or something […]