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Co-living: a rising trend in accommodation

Imagine a brand new world, where nobody owns anything. A world of shared vacation rentals, living and working spaces. It`s already here. Co-living is the new buzzword in the hospitality industry and beyond. Why? Because millennials (the generation born between 1980 and 2000) are focused on building a global sharing economy. And they`re successful in […]

Hospitality Trends: Augmented Reality (AR)

Emerging technologies like augmented reality (AR) hold the promise to transform various sectors for the better. From healthcare to the gaming, retail and hospitality industries, AR could be the key to enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenues. What is Augmented Reality (AR)? Let`s start with the basics. Augmented comes from augment, which means to enhance […]

Blockchain for Hospitality

Blockchain technology is holding a promise to improve transparency, cut out the middlemen and reduce costs in various sectors: from finance to medical care. But is this emerging tech about to benefit the hospitality sector? Let`s find out: What is Blockchain? Simply put, blockchain refers to a chain of so-called “blocks” that`re forming a “chain” […]

3 Cyber Security Threats in the Hospitality Sector

In recent years, many hotel brands have fallen victims of cybercrime. That might be devastating to the reputation of every tourist accommodation property. Knowing the potential threats is vital to be able to prevent them. Let`s dive in: 1. Customer data/identity theft The hospitality business is responsible for protecting the identity information of its customers. […]

VR For Hospitality: 3 Hot Tendencies

Imagine traveling all over the world from the comfort of your sofa. Now: You can do that and so much more with emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR). VR can be described as a digital augmentation of reality. The latter is achieved with the help of computer-based simulations. But did you know that VR can […]

Hospitality Trends: AI Chatbots

AI chatbots are one of the hottest trends in travel and hospitality. But why are chatbots taking the industry by storm? Let`s find out: AI Chatbot: what is it? First, let`s explain what`s a chatbot. Chatbots can be described as artificial intelligence (AI) computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users. These conversations are realized […]

Robots Taking Over Hospitality: 5 Use Cases

The robotics revolution is here. The modern concept of the robot was shaped with the rise of the industrial age, as well as science fiction books published back in the 1800-s. Half a century later, authors like Jules Verne and Czech Karel Čapek added more nuances to robot fantasies. But how to define robots in […]

15 Hotel Technology Trends for 2019 (With Examples)

The hospitality sector is booming. Billions of travelers book tourist accommodations on a daily basis. But the competition is tough. Here`s how to attract modern travelers to your property and meet their expectations: Keep up with the tech trends Here`s the deal: The modern travel guests are keen technology users. They expect from accommodation properties […]

A Simple Guide to Hotel Guest Satisfaction

Did you know that it`s 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire new customers rather than keeping the existent ones happy? Let`s review the definition of hotel guests` satisfaction and some simple tips on how to master it: What is guest satisfaction? You might be wondering: what`s the definition of customer satisfaction? It`s a […]

3 Basic Analytics tools for your hotel marketing

We can`t stress this enough: it`s important to research the needs and interests of your hotel guests. When you know more about them, you`ll be able to deliver the tailor-made services they need. Plus, this will help you craft effective content and social media strategies to establish your hotel brand in a highly competitive sector. […]