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LinkedIn for Hotels: The Full Guide

Did you know that 260 million users are logging into LinkedIn each month? Home to about 600 million users, the platform`s untapped potential could work wonders for your accommodation property. Drawing on our experience, Philip Calvert`s actionable tips and numerous research publications on the subjects, we`ve crafted a practical LinkedIn guide for you and your property. […]

Face Recognition for the Hospitality Industry

Face recognition has recently become mainstream due to Apple`s Face ID feature. But it has many other applications – from surveillance to marketing across various industries, including hospitality. Let`s look into how the technology works and what`re its applications in the sector: What is face recognition? Simply put, face recognition is a biometric method of […]

How to Start a Hostel Business from Scratch?

Everyone knows that traveling is about discovering new countries, new cultures, new cuisines and virtually everything in-between. These days we go places like never before. Travel has changed a lot in the past 15 years or so. Back in the 1970s you couldn’t just hop on a plane and visit any country in the world. […]

Top Social Media Trends for 2019 (Part 2)

Last week we talked about the latest social media trends – from the rapidly declining trust in social media to Stories` growing popularity. But there`re more trends to explore. Here`s what the social relationship platform Hootsuite found in their report on the subject: #Trend 3 Increasing paid budgets 64% of the respondents of the Hootsuite […]

Top Social Media Trends in 2019 (Research)

What are the latest social media trends in 2019? And what does this mean for brands and businesses? The social media tool Hootsuite has conducted an annual report, surveying more than 3,000 of their customers (both large enterprises and small agencies). Additionally, the company gathered insights from industry analysts, as well as data from Edelman, […]

5 Technologies Shaping the Future of Co-living

Let`s admit it: technology is transforming the world as we know it. Innovative technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) have made our homes smarter. With a simple voice command, we`re now able to control a wide range of appliances – from heating to the TV sets. But these tendencies are stretching far beyond our […]

Why hotels need wireless charging? (Report)

Consumers want to stay connected. All the time. In fact: About 75% of the worldwide population will use mobile services by 2020, according to a survey conducted by Chargifi. The findings show that users touch their phones about 2,617 times a day. But there`s one problem: The frequent phone use drains the phone battery. And […]

IoT for the Hospitality Industry (Research)

Standing out in the hospitality industry may be a daunting task. There`s no shortage of resorts, hotels, guests houses, and restaurants offering similar services to the numerous travelers whose demands are rising (check out the Customer satisfaction trends for 2019). Simply put, tourists are looking for unique and personalized experiences. The Internet of Things (IoT) can […]

3 Types of Shared Living Spaces

The travel industry is undergoing constant changes. One of the fastest growing trends in the sector is shared living. It`s usually being described as a combination of private space with communal facilities. But there`re different types of shared living options. Here`re 3 of the most popular ones, according to a research paper named “Shared Living […]

More than sci-fi: Hologram Tech in Hospitality

Remember the charmingly floating image of Star Wars` Princess Lea? It was forty years ago that the popular movie reimagined Jules Verne`s concept, which was coined back in 1893. Imagination gets real But the sci-fi ideas of creating 3D holograms have become all very real thanks to science. Researchers have experimented with lasers and motion […]