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How to choose the right Hotel Management Software?

Imagine the following scenario: you plan your holiday, book a hotel room and make a payment for it. Everything goes as planned and you finally go on a holiday. But you only reach your hotel to find out that nobody had ever accepted your reservation. On top of that, the hotel is full and you have no place to stay for the night.

It`s not only unpleasant. It`s ridiculous. The customer is screwed. Not to mention the hotel owner who loses money out of it.

Let us tell you a secret: none of this would have happened if the hotel used a proper Hotel Management Software (HMS), often referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS).

What is a SaaS and why you need one?

HMSs come in different shapes and sizes but guesthouse and hotel owners should assess their needs and priorities when purchasing one. It’s not necessary to go for the most expensive one or the one with the most features. That way you might end up paying for something you`ll never use. Besides, most of the Hotel Management Software packages offer free trials or demo versions. It is advisable you first try certain HMS before paying for it. When choosing Software as a Service pack, it`s good to consider the following: it should be simple, yet efficient. Your staff and you should be able to use it without any problems.

On the other hand, SaaS systems can deliver a lot of positive results to small and medium-sized businesses. Nowadays the competition for guests is fierce in all parts of the world and only the ones who manage to keep up with technologies and guests’ demands will stand the test of time. We live in the 21st century. Automate as many tasks as possible. It`s pointless to lose your precious time.

What do the statistics say?

Recent research by Software Advice reveals some interesting data. Most of the small to medium sized properties are dissatisfied with their current Hotel Management Software because it needs further updates. Another reason for replacing current HMS is that it lacks important features.

Perhaps, the two are overlapping because the lack of updates usually generates missing features such as online booking and mobile compatibility. The top three priorities are said to include reservation capabilities, online booking, and guest management. The report further reveals that the majority of small to medium properties are managed with the help of software developed especially for hotels. However, the percentage of manual methods (Excel is a good example) is not that small at all. Most of the property owners turn towards HMS because they want to improve efficiency or go electronic.

Real-life applications

You might be wondering: how hotel management software can help me in real life?

Here`re some of the key benefits of HMSs:

  • Bookings management had never been easier. With the proper Software as a Service for your hotel, you can quickly manage bookings in an easy manner. Furthermore, most of the management will be automated so you can focus on tasks that are more important to you. But there`s more: the HMS takes care of bookings, and the risk of human errors is reduced. Overbooking`s no longer a problem.
  • Online bookings. Since we live in a high-tech world, most people prefer booking their accommodation online, instead of making annoying phone calls. With user-friendly Hotel Management Software embedded on your website, your guests will be able to easily make reservations online. Even better, real-time updates will appear on your website, preventing overbooking and unpleasant misunderstandings. Online payments are quick and easy to make, so why not having a SaaS, which can do that as well? You don’t have to manually update capacity numbers on your website when a good HMS can do it for you. You save time, you save money. Bingo!
  • Increased online presence. How are you going to attract guests if you do not have an online presence? It is comfortable and easy to make internet reservations. Plus, it presents you as a modern brand in the eyes of your customers. Boring websites and contact forms don`t do the trick anymore. They are outdated and sluggish. But real-time booking isn’t. It gives just the right amount of information to both sides and promotes a better user experience.
  • It saves time and money. Bookings happen faster and cheaper. You don`t have to make any changes to the booking platform because the software for hotel management takes care of it. It adds and deletes reservations; it shows you how many guests you should expect in the following days, it synchronizes with your website. Additionally, when reservations are made through the HMS, each booking earns you more money as compared to bookings made through third party website or software. Why? Because when people book their rooms through your website, you don’t have to pay anyone for using their technology.

Incredibly simple, right? Just give it a try.

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