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A Simple Guide to Hotel Guest Satisfaction

Did you know that it`s 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire new customers rather than keeping the existent ones happy?

Let`s review the definition of hotel guests` satisfaction and some simple tips on how to master it:

What is guest satisfaction?

You might be wondering: what`s the definition of customer satisfaction? It`s a broad term that actually measures the degree to which a given customer is satisfied with a product, service, or experience.

In the hospitality industry, this would refer to your guests` overall satisfaction with your services. And their desire to keep using your services in the long term. In general, the idea is to provide beyond the average experience to turn your guests into loyal customers and raving promoters of your brand.

Why your hotel needs happy guests?

Measuring customer satisfaction is vital for any business. The hospitality industry is no exception as guest behaviors, preferences, and expectations are changing rapidly.

But why you need to focus on identifying problems and unhappy guests? That way you can understand the reasons and use this knowledge to fix the problems. In turn, this can help you retain the customers you already have. The statistics show that 82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition. It`s time to focus on it, don`t you think?

Ask for feedback

Here`s the deal: you need to gather feedback from your guests.

Wonder how to do it? Use surveys and interviews to learn about your guests` experiences.

Formulate open-ended questions that will help you understand if your services deliver to their needs. If that`s not the case, you`ll know how to improve. Who should answer the questions? Ideally, every hotel guest who has had experience with your hotel or guest house. Tip: isolate different groups of customers. For instance, your most loyal customers and ask them what they love about your service. Or focus on unsatisfied customers and ask them what needs improvement.

Ideas for improvement

So, how to improve your hotel guests` satisfaction rates? As we mentioned earlier, it`s important to start with personalization. Learn about your guests` specific expectations and try to satisfy them.

Yet, there`re also some general practical tips you might find useful:

Compensate for any mistakes

It`s important to be a step ahead. Ask for feedback. Analyze the information you have and try to make up for what went wrong. For example, if a guest had stayed with you before, you can gather information about their experience and personalize your services. If they had experienced problems previously, you might compensate them with a free dinner or a room discount on their next visit. Or if they mentioned they`ll be traveling with kids, you can leave some treats or toys for them at the hotel room.

Reward loyal guests

Customer loyalty is hard to build, especially in the highly competitive hospitality industry. Hoteliers need to recognize their most loyal guests and make them feel appreciated. Experiment with loyalty programs and freebees tailored to your customers` specific wants and needs. You could ask your guests if they would prefer a free SPA procedure or a late check-out, among other loyalty rewards.

Respond to complaints and requests

Complaints will always be a thing – both online and offline. Make sure you respond promptly and adequately. Don`t quarrel with your guests. Don`t delete comments. Make sure you respond with understanding and compensate with something they would appreciate. This will show that you are willing to improve and focus on your customers` needs rather than just profits.

Share your experience

What has your hands-on experience in the sector taught you? How do you manage to boost customer satisfaction? Let`s learn from each other: share your best tips in the comments down below.

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